Advert Format

Advert’s can be submitted in the following formats:


Pdf   -  JPEG  -  Indesign  -  Most MS files  -  TIFF


  • Advert copy can be e-mailed to
  • If your advert is not available in an electronic format then I can design* this for you from your own hard copy text or brief, normally for a fixed price of just £10 for quarter page, this may be higher if you have a particularly complex ad. Please call or email for details.
    (This is a one-off charge – the ad could then be re-used in subsequent issues free of charge)


*Design COPYRIGHT belongs to Tilehurst Directory and MUST NOT be used in any other publication or online magazine without prior agreement or purchase.

Advert Szes

Full page  190 x 128mm      Portrait

Half page 93 x 128mm        Landscape

Quarter page 93 x 61mm    Portrait



Editorials are a great way to showcase your business in more detail, usually taken as a full page your normal advert can be incorporated into the page. Please call or email regaiding this feature.


May/June 2024 issue

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May/June 2024 issue
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